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All Paws Kennels & Cattery 


We have 27 kennels in total. Each kennel has its own attached outdoor run. 
Every dog is provided with heavy duty stable mats, vet bedding and heating. 

Dogs are exercised daily and have access to approximately 1/3rd of an acre of land which is fully enclosed so they can run freely, under supervision.

We can accommodate two to three dogs (from the same household) in our larger kennels.
 All kennels are cleaned and sanitised twice daily.


We have 10 spacious, walk in cattery units. 
The sleeping area is a cosy elevated bedroom which can easily accommodate two cats (from the same household only). 

There is a heater in each unit and cats are provided with their own bed filled with comfortable vet bedding. 
All units have covered outdoor runs attached. 

The cattery is cleaned and sanitised twice daily. 

Veterinary Care

In the unfortunate event a pet falling ill during the course of their stay, veterinary attention will be sought immediately.